UK activists to call for Justice in Egypt

UK activists to call for Justice in Egypt
Tue Nov 22, 2011 2:38PM GMT

British activists are to descend to London streets on 26 November to march in solidarity with Egyptian protesters in Tahrir square.

UK's Justice in Egypt campaign called on the people to join the activists on Edgware Rd. tube station at 11:00GMT and march to the Egyptian embassy.

While backing No to Military Trials campaign, the protesters will ask for a timeline for transferring power to civilian government.

As Egypt is approaching to its 28 November parliamentary election, thousands of people staged their anti-military junta demonstrations across the country.

Some 24 protesters have been killed since violent clashes began between security forces and protesters, and 1,830 have been injured, Egypt's Health Ministry reported.

Meanwhile the country's military council announced that the protesters will face tougher reaction if they continue their demonstrations.

Activists and political groups are becoming increasingly vocal in their criticism of the failure of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to live up to its promise to hand over power to a civilian ruling structure within six months of the February revolution.

Protesters have also censured the chairman of the council, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, for his reluctance to implement sweeping change and dismantle elements of the former regime.


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